About Me And My Blog

This blog is my way of me keeping track of the code that I write and documenting my thought processes. I like writing programs in Python and dabble in web development with some PHP here and there, nothing too advance. I enjoy playing around with Raspberry Pis and Arduino boards. Nothing major, just little projects like motion sensors and remote control LEDs. I am also working with a friend to help create his website and write content over at sliceofapi.co.uk. I won’t be updating the posts as I go so any changes that occur to software that may break my documented installation procedure  won’t be updated, however, I am very happy to reply to people’s comments if they need help.


CodeIgniter 2: Models, Controllers and Views

CodeIgniter approaches web development with MVC in mind. MVC is a way of presenting data that keeps programme logic and presentation separate from each other. This means that there is little PHP scripting in your presentation pages, keeping them clean and focused on looks.

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